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Mojo Networks Unveils Wi-Fi Authentication Tool for Google Apps for Education

Mojo Networks, a provider of secure cloud-managed Wi-Fi for the K-12 education market, has introduced a new network authentication tool designed to make it easier for school IT administrators to control Wi-Fi device connections.

Currently, schools have two main options for authenticating devices on Wi-Fi networks: pre-shared key (PSK) or 802.1x. According to information from Mojo Networks, both methods have their limitations — PSK passphrases are easily shared, and 802.1x is expensive and typically requires an on-premises appliance. Furthermore, neither method allows network administrators to control which devices can connect to the network.

Mojo Networks has developed Mojo Enforce, a new tool designed to solve these challenges. Mojo Enforce integrates with Google for Education to provide "an additional layer of authentication above PSK or 802.1x, providing administrators the control to define what devices connect to the network," according to a news release. Mojo Enforce works with the school's existing Mojo Wi-Fi network without the need for additional licenses, on-premises appliances or client or network re-configuration. The company plans integration with other third-party systems in the future.

According to information from the company, Mojo Enforce works by using Mojo Cloud to fetch the list of enrolled devices from the school or district's Google for Education account, and Mojo Cloud sends the list to all Mojo cloud-managed access points. Devices can then use either PSK or 802.1x to attempt to connect to the network. If the device is authorized, the access point assigns it a role or network policy based on the device's organizational unit membership. If the device is unauthorized, the access point denies the connection.

Mojo Enforce currently integrates with Google for Education, and the company plans to integrate with other third-party systems beginning in 2017. The open beta test of Mojo Enforce will begin in the third quarter of 2016, and customers can sign up to participate on the Mojo Networks site. The company expects to release Mojo Enforce in the fourth quarter of 2016.

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