Securly Adds Cyberbullying, Self-Harm Prevention Tool

Securly, a cloud-based provider of online security solutions, is launching a free tool that helps schools using Google Email prevent cyberbullying and self-harm.

The Auditor tool uses Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning algorithms to flag cyberbullying and self-harm messages on Gmail, Chat and Drafts. To accomplish this, Securly analyzed hundreds of thousands of social media posts on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ from thousands of schools nationwide. The company discovered that social media posts related to cyberbullying occur at least twice a week. Auditor not only flags these posts for IT, but it notifies guidance counselors and parents of the at-risk student.

“This allows the district IT team to focus on infrastructure related operations, and escalate the incident to the parents and counselors instead,” according to the website.

Auditor will be released worldwide on Oct. 17. Further information about Auditor is available on the Securly site.

About the Author

Sri Ravipati is Web producer for THE Journal and Campus Technology. She can be reached at [email protected].