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Network-Ready LED Lighting Solutions Cut Energy Costs in Half

Energy Focus, a provider of energy efficient LED lighting products, has launched two network-ready lighting solutions that boast of 50 percent energy savings.

The 500NR Series LED Tube is an upgrade on Energy Focus’ 500D direct wire solution that operates without a ballast. “The 500NR is engineered so that all the circuitry needed to operate the tube is located inside the tube, eliminating the need for the costly and inefficient external drivers and other components. Eliminating the ballast allows a building owner to save five to 10 additional watts per fixture, which contributes to incremental savings,” according to a statement from the company.

The new Intellitube NR is a first-generation product that includes a variety of dimming control protocols, including wireless, broadband over power-line and low voltage output.

Both the 500NR and Intellitube NR can connect to and be controlled by a building’s automation system or lighting control system. Schools that switch to these products can cut their energy costs in half, according to statement from the company, and “can save approximately 20 percent more by utilizing the dimming feature.” The solutions are the first retrofit TLEDs to put dimming technology directly inside the tube and claim to be 100 percent flicker-free.

Energy Focus has worked with more than 140 K–12 schools and 42 higher education institutions.

To learn more, visit the Energy Focus site.

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