Region One Ed Service Center Adopts e-Procurement Platform

The Region One Education Service Center (ESC), one of 20 regional education service centers created to assist school districts in the state of Texas, has adopted a new e-procurement system with the goal of facilitating the procurement process between school districts and local businesses in southern Texas.

The eBuyOne eProcurement system, powered by Periscope Holdings, a procurement solutions provider for the public sector, will "bring even greater time and money savings to our members while providing local businesses an easier way to locate and respond to bid opportunities," said Lori A. Ramos, purchasing coordinator for Region One ESC, in a prepared statement.

The Region One ESC's purchasing cooperatives serve 37 school districts and 10 charter school systems, as well as municipalities throughout Region One ESC's seven-county service area. The cooperatives assist members with the procurement of cost-effective goods and services and compliance with bid law requirements.

The implementation of the eBuyOne system will eliminate "the complexities and redundancies of purchasing for Region One ESC and its purchasing cooperative members" and make it "easier than ever to get the best product for the best price," according to a news release.

The Region One ESC has already implemented eBuyOne's sourcing and electronic response capabilities for suppliers, and it plans to implement contract ordering for all Region One ESC members later this year.

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