ISTE Seeks Public Comment on First Draft of Refreshed Standards for Teachers

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) is seeking public comment on the first draft of its refreshed ISTE Standards for Teachers. More than 600 individuals from around the world have provided insight into the contents of this initial draft and, by the time the second draft is released in early 2017, ISTE anticipates that thousands more will have participated in the process, according to a news release.

The first draft of the refreshed ISTE Standards for Teachers is available for comment at

Similar to the recent refresh of the ISTE Standards for Students, the refresh process for the ISTE Standards for Teachers is open and inclusive, soliciting input from educators around the world at each step. To help educators participate in the process, ISTE today released a free toolkit for facilitating a public forum, Twitter chat or conference session with colleagues to provide feedback to the process. The toolkit includes a facilitator’s guide, surveys for gathering feedback and annotated presentation guides. For more information, visit

The refreshed ISTE Standards for Teachers are scheduled for release in June 2017 at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, TX. At that time, ISTE will kick off the refresh process for the ISTE Standards for Administrators.

The ISTE Standards provide a framework for learning, teaching and leading that is amplified by technology. These digital age standards are not “technology standards,” but are rather a roadmap for educators worldwide as they navigate decisions about curriculum, instruction, professional learning and how to transform pedagogy with technology, ISTE said in a news release.

For more information about the nonprofit membership organization, visit ISTE’s website.

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