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Video Series to Reveal K–16 Education Plan and Advocate for Disadvantaged Students

Unite For California Students (U4CAS) and Prager University will launch a four-part video series discussing changes to California’s education system so it can better meet the needs of special needs and low-income students.

The series, hosted by Southern California public school teacher Rebecca Friedrichs, will launch Sunday, Jan. 22. Friedrichs, the plaintiff against the California Teachers Association in a 2016 United States Supreme Court case, will discuss how to serve students with special needs, low income and English language learners. In the final video, she’ll reveal U4CAS’s K–16 education plan. The video series will be featured at

The launch is timed to coincide with National School Choice Week, which will be celebrated with more than 21,000 events Jan. 22-28.

The vision of U4CAS is that every child in California has the best opportunity to achieve the American dream. U4CAS advocates a system in which parents have the freedom to choose the best educational opportunities for their children and where public education funding follows the students, according to a news release.

For more information, visit or U4CAS’s website.

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