Blended Learning

Colorado to Collect Statewide Blended Learning Data

Colorado Empowered Learning (CEL), a state-funded initiative to enhance equity and access in K–12 education with blended learning, yesterday launched efforts to collect data on the use of digital tools in classrooms.

CEL has partnered with the Keystone Policy Center to develop a statewide roadmap that will help shape and inform Colorado’s approach to blended learning. The Colorado-based nonprofit organization is nationally recognized for finding collaborative, actionable solutions to public policy challenges.

The Colorado General Assembly and Governor’s Office commissioned the idea for a statewide blended learning roadmap through House Bill 16-1222, which Gov. John Hickenlooper and the Colorado General Assembly introduced last spring. The bill stated that “Colorado lacks a clearly articulated and accepted vision and plan to implement the shift in delivering educational services to a digital environment, which must occur to adequately prepare students for postsecondary success.” It asserted the need for “a single public entity to provide leadership in designing and implementing a statewide plan for increasing the availability of supplemental online educational courses and blended learning for school districts, charter schools and BOCES.”

CEL will hold meetings with educators and others working in education throughout the state to develop the roadmap.

To learn more, or to share feedback or perspectives for the statewide roadmap, visit the CEL site.