Pasco Scientific To Release New, Digital Edition of 'Essential Physics' Text


This week at the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) National Conference in Los Angeles, Pasco Scientific is unveiling the third edition of “Essential Physics,” a deeply digital curriculum that brings physics concepts to life in ways that text and static images cannot. The only physics textbook supported by an e-book with more than 100 interactive tools, the new edition of “Essential Physics” also integrates modular circuits from Pasco as well as the company’s Smart Cart, an all-in-one wireless dynamics cart that makes the classroom study of forces and motion easy and affordable.

Unlike other electronic versions of physics textbooks, the “Essential Physics” e-book is page-for-page identical to the print textbook, and it includes additional features such as audio for the entire book, videos and animations, lab investigations, interactive equations and an infinite test bank.

Developed completely in HTML5, the e-book works on all major platforms from desktops to smartphones, with or without an internet connection, and it doesn’t require any software to be installed. Combined with resources for teachers and optional equipment for lab investigations, “Essential Physics” forms a seamless learning system for mastering physics, according to a news release.

The third edition of “Essential Physics” will be available for sale in July, and it will be released in 2018.

“To learn science, you have to do science. What’s unique about ‘Essential Physics’ is that it comes with everything we need to teach physics — and teach it well,” said Cynthia T. Rudolph, secondary science specialist for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools in Mecklenburg County, NC, which began using “Essential Physics” in fall 2016. “Our teachers appreciate the way the lessons identify and correct misconceptions, and the way the material is scaffolded to ensure student success. Our students enjoy the interactivity, the simulations and the labs.”

For information or a free trial of the “Essential Physics” e-book, visit this Pasco website.

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