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Casio Adds High-Res, Touchscreen LCD Display Graphic Calculator to PRIZM Lineup

Casio has added a new model to its PRIZM lineup of graphic calculators. The new PRIZM CAS fx-CG500, designed for middle school math classes and beyond, boasts a high-resolution touchscreen LCD display (with more than 65,000 colors) and many functions that aid math learning.

Image Credit: Casio.

For starters, the 4.8” touchscreen allows for drag-and-drop and split screen functionalities. These features, as well as the ability to switch between portrait and landscape views, are part of fx-CG500’s intuitive design, according to a Casio news release. It also comes with a soft-touch keyboard and USB-to-computer connectivity.

Math-wise, the fx-CG500 model is equipped for statistics regressions, graphical displays and more. Some features are specifically for higher level mathematics, like built-in graphing of conic sections and its interactive equation solver. It is permitted for use on the AP, SAT I and II, PSAT and NMSQT exams.

The new device is priced at $129.99 and comes in the color white.

Math teachers and others who are attending the National Council of Supervisors in Mathematics (NCSM) annual conference, April 3-5, or the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) annual conference, April 5-8, can see the new fx-CG500 in action at Casio’s booth.

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