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Wonder Workshop’s Dash Robot Integrates with Apple’s Swift Playgrounds

Image: Wonder Workshop.

Wonder Workshop’s Dash robot is now programmable with Apple’s Swift coding language thanks to new lessons available in the latest version of the Swift Playgrounds app for iPad, which launched yesterday.

More than 12,000 elementary schools are using the Dash and Dot robots to learn to code, according to information from the company. Now, using Swift Playgrounds version 1.5, students can program the larger of the two robots “to react to sound, light up and move using real Swift code with our new playground in the Swift Playgrounds app,” according to the Medium blog post announcement.

The newly added lesson in Swift Playgrounds called “Dash” contains seven sequenced coding challenges to control Dash’s motion, lights, sensors and sounds. In addition, users can use the “template” mode for a sandbox-like environment that allows them to experiment with the programming language.

Wonder Workshop is inviting educators and others to share Dash-Swift activities in the company’s lesson library.