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MeTEOR Education Releases ‘Humanizing the Education Machine’ Companion Workbook

MeTEOR Education yesterday released a companion workbook for Humanizing the Education Machine: How to Create Schools that Turn Disengaged Kids Into Inspired Learners.

Humanizing the Education Machine analyzes the current pitfalls of the education system in the United States and argues in favor of education reform. It discusses teacher disengagement, for example, citing that seven out of 10 teachers have self-reported being either passively disengaged or actively disengaged in their job, for example. The fallout, a Gallup poll estimates, results in about 3.5 missed workdays per teacher each school year and 2.3 million missed workdays in total per year. The book serves to be a resource for administrators, teachers, educators and parents interested in fixing the problem and buckling down on human-centered learning.

It is co-authored by Rex Miller, the principal and thought leader for the MindShift consultancy firm; Bill Latham, CEO of MeTEOR Education; and Bill Cahill, a construction veteran and California division president for Beatty Construction Services United States.

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The new Thinking Guide “takes ideas from [Humanizing the Education Machine] and allows readers to personalize them for specific communities, schools, classrooms and learning goals,” according to information from MeTEOR Education. The workbook offers summaries of the corresponding chapter, tasks for groups of educators to work through in teams, and questions for educators to practice in their classrooms. It shares tips and tricks for parents, educators and policymakers looking to move to today’s model of teaching and learning to one that focuses on students.

“Our goal is to help readers have conversations with their peers and begin a journey of professional growth and reflection,” Latham said in a statement. “And those conversations will eventually spread from a school-wide initiative to district-wide enterprises. Helping ideas and practices to affect the whole, small teams and individual educators, is how you can begin to truly influence the education machine.”

Individuals interested in the workbook, Humanizing the Education Machine: Thinking Guide, can find out more at the MeTEOR Education site here.

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