Carnegie Learning Boosts Computer Science Focus with Globaloria Acquisition

Carnegie Learning, a research-proven mathematics education company, this week revealed it has acquired Globaloria, a provider of computer science education.

The latter offers a blended learning platform, teacher professional development and other services that aim to empower pre-K–12 students “to become socially-minded, innovative change-makers through computer science learning programs,” according to a company statement. Since launching in 2015, more than 17,000 students in the United States have learned these skills by using the Globaloria platform to design and prototype computational apps, games and simulations.

Through acquiring Globaloria, Carnegie wants to strengthen its mathematics and computer science offerings, since the two subjects often go hand-in-hand in STEM education.

"As a company intent on changing the conversation around how best to prepare today’s students, expanding our mathematics emphasis to include computer science is a natural evolution,” said Barry Malkin, CEO of Carnegie Learning, in the statement. "After all, mathematics and computer science are fundamental to STEM and computational thinking and coding is a powerful way to help students become creative problem-solvers, innovative engineers and mathematical thinkers. Globaloria’s robust courses and technology are a tremendous fit for us and our instructional philosophy.”