Student Data Stolen

List of Schools in New York Impacted by the Illuminate Education Data Breach

NY State Education Department Responds to FOI Request

The New York State Department of Education sent the following list of schools "known to have been affected by the Illuminate Education data breach" in response to a Freedom of Information request by THE Journal. NYSED said "not all students at every school had their data compromised," but also noted that at some schools, both current and former students' data was compromised. 

List of All New York Schools Impacted by Illuminate Education's Data Breach

A Philip Randolph Campus High School

The New York State Education Department Has Launched an Investigation into Illuminate as Data Breach Spreads to More Schools Nationwide

The New York State Education Department says 565 schools in the state — including over 1 million current and former students — were among those whose private student data was compromised during a January cyberattack on Illuminate Education’s systems, and officials have opened an investigation, NYSED told THE Journal. Read More.

A-Tech High School

Abraham Lincoln High School

Acad For College Preparation And Career Exploration

Acad Of Medical Tech - A College Board Sch

Academy For Conservation And The Environment

Academy for Excellence in Leadership H. S.

Academy For Health Careers

Academy For Language And Technology

Academy For Personal Leadership And Excellence

Academy For Scholarship And Entrepreneurship

Academy Of American Studies High School

Academy Of Finance And Enterprise

Academy Of Hospitality And Tourism High School

Academy Of Innovative Technology

Academy Of Public Relations

Acorn Community High School

Albert Shanker School For Visual And Performing Ar

All City Leadership Secondary School

Andries Hudde JHS 240

Antonia Pantoja Prep Academy

Archimedes Acad Math, Sci, Tech

Art And Design High School

Aspirations Diploma Plus High School

Aspirations Diploma Plus High School

August Martin High School

Aviation Career And Technical High School

Baldwin Union Free School District

Baychester Middle School

Bayside High School

Beacon High School

Bedford Stuyvesant New Beginnings Charter

Belmont Prep High School

Benjamin Banneker Academy

Benjamin Franklin HS For Finance and Information

T Benjamin N Cardozo High School

Blueprint Middle School

Bold Charter School

Brewster Central Schools

Briarcliff Manor Union Free School District

Brockport Central School District

Bronx Academy For Software Engineering (Base)

Bronx Academy Of Health Careers

Bronx Aerospace High School

Bronx Alliance Middle School

Bronx Center For Science And Mathematics

Bronx Collegiate Academy

Bronx Community High School

Bronx Compass High School

Bronx Dance Academy School

Bronx High School - Law & Community Services

Bronx High School Of Business

Bronx High School Of Medical Science

Bronx High School Visual Arts

Bronx HS For Writing & Communication Arts

Bronx Leadership Academy High School

Bronx Mathematics Prep Academy

Bronx Park Middle School

Bronx Regional High School

Bronx River High School

Bronx Studio School For Writers And Artists

Bronx Theatre High School

Bronxdale High School

Bronxwood Prepatory Academy

Brooklyn Bridge Academy

Brooklyn College Academy

Brooklyn Collegiate - A College Board School

Brooklyn Democracy Academy

Brooklyn Generation School

Brooklyn H. S. For Music & Theater

Brooklyn High School For Law And Technology

Brooklyn High School For The Arts

Brooklyn Hs For Science And The Environment

Brooklyn Lab School

Brooklyn Preparatory High School

Brooklyn Science And Engineering Academy

Brooklyn Studio Secondary School

Brooklyn Technical High School

Brooklyn Theatre Arts High School

Brownsville Academy High School

Brownsville Collaborative Middle School

Buffalo City School District

Bushwick Leaders HS For Academic Excellence

Business Of Sports School

Business Technology Early College High School

Byram Hills Central School District

Cambria Heights Academy

Cei (Center For Educational Innovation)


Challenge Preparatory Charter School

Channel View School For Research

Charter School Of Educational Excellence

Christopher Avenue Community School

City College Academy Of The Arts

City Knoll Middle School

City Polytechnic HS Of Engineering, Architecture a

Clara Barton Vocational High School

Coalition School For Social Change

Cobble Hill School For American Studies

Cold Spring Harbor Central School District

Collaborative Arts Middle School

College Point Collaborative

Collegiate Acad For Mathematics And Personal Aware

Collegiate Institute For Math And Science

Columbia Secondary School

Community School 152 Evergreen School

Community Voices Middle School

Croton-Harmon Union Free School District

Crotona Academy High School

Cultural Academy For The Arts And Sciences

Curtis High School

Cyberarts Studio Academy

Dewitt Clinton High School

Digital Arts And Cinema Technology High School

District 79 Alternative Schools & Programs

Dr. Susan S. McKinney Secondary School of the Arts

Eagle Academy For Young Men Of Harlem

East Bronx Academy For The Future

East Fordham Academy For The Arts

East New York Middle School Of Excellence

East-West School Of International Studies

Edward R Murrow High School

Elijah Stroud Middle School - K353

Emerson School

Emma Lazarus High School

Emolior Academy

Entrada Academy

Epic High School South

Esperanza Preparatory Academy

Evergreen Middle School For Urban Exploration Excellence Community Schools

Excelsior Preparatory High School

Family Life Academy Charter School I

Family Life Academy Charter School II

Family Life Academy Charter School III

Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom School

Fannie Lou Hamer Middle School

Fdny High School For Fire And Life Safety

Fiorello H La Guardia High School

Flushing High School

Food And Finance High School

Fordham High School For The Arts

Fordham Leadership Academy

Forest Hills High School

Fort Hamilton High School

Francis Lewis High School

Frank Sinatra High School

Franklin D Roosevelt High School

Frederick Douglas Academy II

Frederick Douglas Academy V Middle School

Frederick Douglass Academy

Frederick Douglass Academy III Secondary School

Frederick Douglass Academy VI High School

George Washington Carver High School For Sciences

George Westinghouse Career and Technical Ed High S

Glens Falls City School District

Global Learning Collaborative

Goldie Maple Academy

Gotham Collaborative High School

Greece Central School District

Greenburgh Central School District

Greenburgh Eleven Union Free School District

Gregorio Luperon High Sch Of Math & Science

Grover Cleveland High School

H. S. For Construction, Trades, Engineering & Archi

Hamilton Grange Middle School

Harlem Hebrew Language Academy Charter School

Harry S Truman High School

Health Professions & Human Services High School

Hebrew Language Academy 1 Charter School

Hebrew Language Academy Charter School 2

Herbert H Lehman High School

Heritage School (The)

Hero (Health, Education And Research Occupations)

High Sch for Math, Science and Engineering at City

High School For Civil Rights

High School For Community Leadership

High School For Environmental Studies

High School For Excellence And Innovation

High School For Global Citizenship

High School For Health Careers & Sciences

High School For Language And Innovation

High School For Law Enforcement And Public Safety

High School For Law, Advocacy And Community Justice

High School For Medical Professions

High School For Violin And Dance

High School Media & Communications

High School Of Arts And Technology

High School Of Computers And Technology

High School Of Hospitality Management

High School Of Sports Management

High School Of Telecommunications

High School Of World Cultures

Highland Park Community School

Hillside Arts And Letters Academy

Hilton Central School District

Holcombe L Rucker School Of Community Research

HS For Teaching & The Professions School

Hudson City School District

Hudson High School Of Learning Technologies

I. S 228 David A Boody

I. S 238 Susan B Anthony School

I. S 246 Walt Whitman

I. S 254

I. S. 10 H. Greeley School

I. S. 125 Thomas J Mccann Woodside

I. S. 136 Charles O Dewey School

I. S. 141 The Steinway Intermediate School

I. S. 145 Joseph Pulitzer

I. S. 171 Abraham Lincoln

I. S. 181 Pablo Casals

I. S. 192 The Renaissance Middle School

I. S. 204 Oliver W Holmes School

I. S. 218 Salome Urena

I. S. 219 New Venture School

I. S. 220 John J Pershing School

I. S. 223 Mott Hall

I. S. 227 Louis Armstrong School

I. S. 230

I. S. 232

I. S. 24 Myra S Barnes

I. S. 25 Adrien Block School

I. S. 27 Anning S Prall

I. S. 281 Joseph B Cavallaro

I. S. 318 Math Science & Tech Through Arts School

I. S. 34 Tottenville

I. S. 347 School Of Humanities

I. S. 349 School For Math Science And Tech

I. S. 49 Berta A. Dreyfus

I. S. 51 Edwin Markham

I. S. 584

I. S. 61 William A Morris School

I. S. 7 Elias Bernstein School

I. S. 72 Rocco Laurie Intermediate School

I. S. 73 The Frank Sansivieris I. S.

I. S. 75 Frank D Paulo

I. S. 93 Ridgewood

I. S. 96 Seth Low

I. S. R002 George L Egbert

I. S. 392

Icahn Charter School 1

Intermediate School 77

Inwood Early College For Health And Information

Te Irwin Altman Middle School 172

It Takes A Village Academy (Itava)

J. H. S 125 Henry Hudson

J. H. S 131 Albert Einstein School

J. H. S 218 J P Sinnott

J. H. S 50 John D Wells

J. H. S 72 Catherine & Count Basie

J. H. S. 104 Simon Baruch Middle School

J. H. S. 117 Joseph H Wade

J. H. S. 123 James M Kiernan

J. H. S. 127 Castle Hill

J. H. S. 144 Michelangelo

J. H. S. 162 The Willoughby School

J. H. S. 167 Robert F Wagner School

J. H. S. 185 Edward Bleeker School

J. H. S. 189 Q Daniel Carter Beard Junior High School

J. H. S. 190 Russell Sage

J. H. S. 194 William Carr School

J. H. S. 201 Dyker Heights Junior High School

J. H. S. 210 Elizabeth Blackwell Middle School

J. H. S. 216 George J Ryan J. H

J. H. S. 217 Robert A Vanwyck

J. H. S. 22 Jordan L Mott Middle School

J. H. S. 226 Virgil I Grissom

J. H. S. 227 Edward B Shallow

J. H. S. 234 Arthur W Cunningham Middle School

J. H. S. 278 Marine Park

J. H. S. 51 William Alexander School

J. H. S. 67 Louis Pasteur

J. H. S. 71 Juan Morel Campos

J. H. S. 74 Nathaniel Hawthorne

J. H. S. 78 Roy H Mann

J. H. S. 8 Richard S Grossley New Prep Middle School J. H. S. 80 Mosholu Parkway

J. H. S. 88 Peter Rouget

J. H. S. 157 Stephen A Halsey

Jamaica Gateway To The Sciences

James Madison High School

Jean Nuzzi Intermediate School

Jm Rapport School For Career Development

John Adams High School

John Bowne High School

John Dewey High School

John Ericsson Middle School 126

John Jay School for Law

Kappa Iv

Knowledge And Power Prep Academy VI

Knowledge And Power Preparatory Academy Iii

Kurt Hahn Expeditionary Lrning School

Lamad Academy Charter School, District 18, NYC

Leaders Of Tomorrow School No. X370

Leadership & Public Service High School

Liberation Diploma Plus High School

Liberty Avenue Middle School

Liberty High School Academy For Newcomers

Life Academy High School For Film And Music

Long Island City High School

Longwood Preparatory Academy

Lower East Side Preparatory School

M. S. 053 Brian Piccolo

M. S. 061 Dr Gladstone H Atwell School

M. S. 101 P. O Edward R Byrne

M. S. 129 Acad For Independent Learning And Leaders

M. S. 131 Sun Yat Sen Middle School

M. S. 137 America's School Of Heroes

M. S. 180 Dr Daniel Hale Williams School

M. S. 202 R H Goddard

M. S. 223 The Laboratory School Of Finance

M. S. 340

M. S. 390

M. S. 391 Angelo Patri Middle School

M. S. /H. S. 368 In Tech Academy

Mamaroneck Union Free School District

Manhattan Business Academy

Manhattan Center - Science & Mathematics

Manhattan Comprehensive Night And Day High School

Marie Curie Hs For Nursing Med & Applied Hlth Prf

Mark Twain I. S. 239 for the Gifted & Talented

Martin Van Buren High School

Maspeth High School

Mathematics, Science, Res And Tech Magnet High Sch

Medgar Evers Preparatory School

Merrick Academy-Queens Public Charter School

Metropolitan Soundview High School

Middle School 322

Middle School 358

Middle School For Art And Philosophy

Middle School Of Marketing And Legal Studies

Midwood High School

Millenium Art Academy

Morris Academy For Colla Studies

Mott Hall Charter School

Mott Hall Community School

Mott Hall High School

Mott Hall II

Mott Hall V

Multicultural High School

Murry Bergtraum High School For Business

Nelson Mandela School For Social Justice

New Design High School

New Design Middle School

New Directions Secondary School

New Dorp High School

New Millennium Business Academy Middle School

New Rochelle City School District

New Utrecht High School

New Visions

New Voices School Of Academic And Creative Arts

New York City Department Of Education

New York City Schools

Newcomers Hs Academy American Studies

Newtown High School

North Bronx School Of Empowerment

One World Middle School At Edenwald

P. S 105 Blythebourne School

P. S 105 Sen A Bernstein School

P. S 112 Jose C Barbosa School

P. S 119

P. S 120 Queens School

P. S 121

P. S 123 Mahalia Jackson School

P. S 124 Osmond A Church School

P. S 129 John H Finley School

P. S 13 Roberto Clemente School

P. S 130 Abram Steven Hewitt School

P. S 138 Sunrise School

P. S 148

P. S 150

P. S 150 Christopher School

P. S 151 Lyndon B Johnson School

P. S 157 Benjamin Franklin School

P. S 157 Grove Hill School

P. S 160 Walter F Bishop School

P. S 179

P. S 179 The Kensington School

P. S 188 Kingsbury School

P. S 192 Jacob H Schiff School

P. S 20 George J Werdan Iii School

P. S 20 John Bowne School

P. S 205 Clarion School

P. S 214

P. S 223 Lyndon B Johnson School

P. S 257 John F Hylan School

P. S 29 Queens School

P. S 3 Margaret Gioiosa School

P. S 329 Surfside School

P. S 34 Franklin D Roosevelt School

P. S 36 Unionport School

P. S 37 Multiple Intelligence School

P. S 399 Stanley Eugene Clark

P. S 41 Gun Hill Road School

P. S 48 William Wordsworth School

P. S 5 Ellen Lurie School

P. S 57 Crescent School

P. S 7 Milton Fein School

P. S 72 - Lexington Academy

P. S 80 Thurgood Marshall Magnet

P. S. 95 Eastwood School

P. S. 004 Duke Ellington School

P. S. 013 Clement C Moore School

P. S. 036 John C Drumgoole School

P. S. 094 Kings College School

P. S. 104 Fort Hamilton School

P. S. 117 J Keld Briarwood School

P. S. 122 Mamie Fay School

P. S. 140 Edward K. Ellington School

P. S. 146 Ann M. Short

P. S. 146 Howard Beach

P. S. 158 Warwick School

P. S. 170 Ralph A Fadrizio School

P. S. 171 Patrick Henry School

P. S. 178 Holliswood School

P. S. 180 Seeall Academy

P. S. 181 Brooklyn

P. S. 188 Michael E Berdy School

P. S. 189

P. S. 206 J. F Lamb School

P. S. 207 Elizabeth G Leary School

P. S. 21 Edward Hart School

P. S. 219 Paul Klapper School

P. S. 226 Alfred De B Mason School

P. S. 238 Anne Sullivan School

P. S. 243K- The Weeksville School

P. S. 264 Bay Ridge Elementary School For The Arts

P. S. 268

P. S. 312 Bergen Beach School

P. S. 315

P. S. 333 - The Longwood Academy of Discovery

P. S. 354 Jamaica

P. S. 4 Maurice Wollin School

P. S. 42 R Vernam School

P. S. 47 American Sign Language & English

P. S. 58 Space Shuttle Columbia School

P. S. 59 William Floyd School

P. S. 71 Rose E Scala School

P. S. 78 Anne Hutchinson School

P. S. 83 Donald Hertz School

P. S. 84 Jose De Diego School

P. S. 87

P. S. 96 Joseph C Lanzetta School

P. S. 97 Highlawn School

P. S. /I. S. 30 Mary White Ovington

P. S. /M. S. 29 Melrose School

P. S. /M. S. 5 Port Morris School

P. S/I. S. 194

P. S/I. S. 218 R Hernandez Dual Language

Pablo Neruda Acad For Architecture & World Studies

Pace High School

Park Slope Collegiate

Parkside Preparatory Academy

Pathways College Preparatory School

Peekskill City School District

Pelham Academy Of Academics And Community Engageme

Pelham Gardens Middle School

Pelham Lab High School

Pelham Prep Academy

Performing Arts And Technology High School

Port Richmond High School

Poughkeepsie City School District

Preparatory Academy For Writers

Professional Pathways High School

Professional Performing Arts High School

Progress High School For Professional Ca

Ps 152 School Of Science & Technology

PS 182

Queens Academy High School

Queens Collegiate - A College Board School

Queens High Sch For Information, Res And Tech

Queens High Sch Of Teaching For Liberal Arts

Queens High School For Language Studies

Queens Metropolitan High School

Queens Preparatory Academy

Queens Satellite High School For Opportunity

Queens Technical High School

Quest To Learn

Rachel Carson School Of Coastal Studies

Ralph Mckee High School

Redwood Middle School

Renaissance Charter School (The)

Renaissance Hs For Musical Theater & Technology

Renaissance School Of The Arts

Repertory Company High School For Theatre Arts

Research And Service High School

Restart Program

Richard R Green High School Of Teaching

Richmond Hill High School

Robert F Wagner Jr Institute For Arts & Technology

Rochdale Early Advantage Charter School

Rochester City School District

Rockaway Collegiate High School

Rockaway Park High Sch For Environmental Sustainab

Ronald Edmonds Learning Center Ii

Rosalyn Yalow Charter School

Ryer Avenue Elementary School

Scholars Academy

School For Classics Academy

School For Legal Studies

School Of Integrated Learning

School Of Performing Arts

School Of Science And Applied Learning

School Of The Future High School

Schuylerville Preparatory High School

Science Skills Center High School

Science Tech & Research High School

Sheridan Academy For Young Leaders

Soundview Academy For Culture And Scholarship

South Bronx Academy For Applied Media

South Brooklyn Community Hs For Leadership

Southern Westchester BOCES

Sponsors For Educational Opportunity

Spring Creek Community School

Staten Island Technical High School

Stuyvesant High School

Success Academy Charter Schools

Syracuse City School District

Teachers College Community School

Teaching Firms Of America Professional Prep Charte

The Bellaire School

The Bronx School Of Young Leaders

The Brooklyn Academy Of Global Finance

The Brooklyn Green School

The Brooklyn School for Social Justice

The Cinema School

The College Academy

The Hunts Point School

The Middle School of Media, Law and Fine Arts

The New American Academy Charter School (District)

The Riverside School for Makers and Artists

The School For Human Rights

The School for Inquiry & Social Justice

Theatre Arts Production Company School

Thomas A Edison Vocational High School

Tottenville High School

Transit Tech Career & Technical Education

Troy City School District

Union Square Academy For Health Sciences

Urban Assembly For Applied Mathematics

Urban Assembly School For Green Careers

Urban Assembly School For Law And Justice

Urban Assembly School For Media Studies

Urban Assembly School Of Music And Art

Urban Assembly Wildlife Conservation

Urban Institute Of Mathematics

Urban Science Academy

Validus Preparatory Academy

Van Nest Academy

Victory Collegiate High School

Village Academy

Voyages Prep-South Queens

Washington Heights Academy

Washington Irving Yabc

Webster Central School District

West Brooklyn Community High School

William Cullen Bryant High School

William E Grady Career And Tech High School

William H. Maxwell Career & Technical Ed H. S.

Williamsburg HS For Architecture And Design

Wings Academy

World Journalism Preparatory

World View High School

York Early College Academy

Yorktown Central School District

Young Voices Academy Of The Bronx

Young Womens Leadership School Of Queens