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1EdTech Updates Its QTI Assessment Standard to Enable the Latest Accessibility Features

An update to 1EdTech Consortium’s digital assessment interoperability standard has added accessibility features and improved rendering to enable greater access in large-scale testing for students with special needs, the nonprofit said in a news release.

1EdTech, formerly known as IMS Global, has released a version 3 of its Question and Test Interoperability foundational standard for large-scale digital assessments conducted statewide and nationally. The update enables integration with the newest web accessibility tools, support for custom libraries and varied methods of interaction, and a more seamless integration overall, according to 1EdTech.

“QTI 3 will make it easier for states, nations, institutions and ed tech providers of all types to incorporate high-quality, accessible online assessment into a wide range of learning experiences,” the nonprofit said in its announcement.

Digital assessment tools founded on the QTI 3 standard allow educators to take advantage of AI technology combined with new accessibility tools, and the QTI 3 standard allows different ed tech solutions to work together, without overwhelming IT departments with custom integrations, 1EdTech said.

“The QTI 3 standard contains significant advances when it comes to creating assessments that support the needs of learners with disabilities,” said Markku Hakkinen, Ph.D., Director of Accessibility Standards and Inclusive Technology for Educational Testing Service. “Assessment content creators and delivery systems will be able leverage the accessibility features of QTI 3 to support, for example, students who utilize screen readers, in a standards-based manner.”

All of 1EdTech’s standards are open and available at its website.

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