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New Guide Offers Tips, Case Studies on How to Choose High-Quality Online Teaching, Learning Solutions

As the pandemic’s negative impacts on learning outcomes continues to make headlines in K–12 education and as leaders consider what works and what doesn’t, a new guide from VHS Learning offers research-based help in selecting online learning solutions.

The guide, entitled “Choosing the Right Online Education Partner: A Playbook for Educators,” is now available at VHSLearning.org.

Developed for high school educators, the playbook examines the ingredients that make online courses high-quality and impactful, and it provides checklists for school leaders to use as they evaluate ed tech options.

The 12-page playbook delves into the COVID-era shift to online learning and its impacts, and its “Mythbusting” opening section addresses common misconceptions about online learning. The guide also includes two case studies with real-life examples of schools achieving success in student outcomes through online learning.

“Over the last 24 months, some individuals and communities have expressed disappointment about the impact of online learning. Yet, applying these opinions universally does a huge disservice to students,” said VHS Learning CEO Carol DeFuria. “The reality is that many students can benefit greatly from learning online if they have a strong curriculum, highly trained teachers, and supportive technology. With this new playbook, educators can explore the attributes of high-quality online learning to help them make the best decisions for their students when reviewing all the options.”

Learn more at VHSLearning.org.

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