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CentSai Launches Predictive Budgeting Tool for Schools

Financial literacy platform CentSai has partnered with developers at SPENDiD to launch a new predictive budgeting tool, dubbed MyBudgetReport, now available to K–12 education organizations, according to a news release. 

MyBudgetReport “uses the latest benchmark data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and other trusted sources, updated for inflation monthly, to allow end users to understand and improve their spending and saving decisions by comparing their easily known expenses to peers based on factors including zip code, income, and more,” CentSai said. 

Each expense category is linked directly to relevant content in Centsai’s library of instructional content and financial literacy curriculum for children and adults, found at

Teachers using the CentSai Education lessons can use the MyBudgetReport tool to show students how adjustments in economic factors, interest rates on their loans, their spending, and their earning will impact their future budgeting and saving. 

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