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Atari Founder Announces New K–12 Educational Gaming Company ExoDexa

Atari founder Nolan Bushnell has teamed up with STEAM education developer Leah Hanes to announce ExoDexa, a new educational gaming company. The adaptive learning platform is geared to K–12 education.

Subjects being developed for game modules include chemistry and physics, math, language arts, and history. The platform contains curriculum aligned-content and extracurricular skill development, the company said.

The platform is built on the Adaptive Content Engine
 (ACE), which allows designers and teachers to create content that fits into the company’s game modules. Teachers can also use a version of the game that contains their own content.

It also uses an Adaptive Learning Gamification and Agility Engine (ALGAE), which provides content adjusted to individual learners, based on their understanding and progress. The adaptive platform advances the unit or level in the game once a student masters a topic.

“After two weeks, we remember around 90% of the things we physically did compared to only 10% of the things we read,” said Hanes, CEO at ExoDexa. “Even though we understand this to be true, students still aren’t being taught to experience the things they’re learning. We want to provide students with the opportunity to learn while actively engaged, at their own pace, while also having fun.”

“Games are the future of education,” said Bushnell, ExoDexa chairman. “Students learn best when engaged and entertained, so why haven’t we applied this insight more to teaching? ExoDexa is working to do just that, bringing gamification and interactivity to learning, and helping students to feel empowered and redefine success.”

The company said it has recently expanded the team and will continue to build “a world-class team with experienced leaders to build the platform from the ground up.”

Bushnell and Hanes also have a book coming out in October 2023 titled “Shaping the Future of Education.”

To learn more about how the company views learning, gaming and education, visit its blog page. Also go to its product page to read more about “The Last Explorer” and view a demo.

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Kate Lucariello is a former newspaper editor, EAST Lab high school teacher and college English teacher.