February 2010

For Richer... or Poorer

Our special double feature tells you how best to spend your ed tech money - whether you have a lot of it or hardly any at all.

Special Feature


Now What?

The stimulus bill has put school districts in an unfamiliar quandary: how to spend a surplus of ed tech money. A broad section of educators offer their views on where a big surge of
technology funds would do the most good.

By John K. Waters


You Want Me to What ?

District technology directors are being asked to pull off the impossible: optimize infrastructure

By Robert J. McGarvey


Visual Technology

The Classroom in 3D

Districts are ‘future-proofing’ their schools with new projectors built to bring the three-dimensional experience to students. Now they just have to wait for content providers to catch up.

By Sara Stroud

Crisis Management

Scare Tactics

The H1N1 flu pandemic served notice to districts to get their disaster readiness strategies in order. Many are using technology solutions to head off or respond to emergencies, and prevent a cessation of learning.

By Vanessa Hua


Tue, Apr 20, 2010 Tim Utah

Try this link http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/1105/journal_201002/#/42

Tue, Feb 23, 2010 bryan california

After reading the print version of the February 2010 issue, I was hoping to find the electronic version of "Drill Down" on the site. Can't find it. It's not under "current issue" and a keyword search comes up with something from 11/1/09. Argh.

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