March 2010

Cover Story

Digital Video

Flippin Out

Students and teachers alike are enthralled by the Flip Video camcorder, an easy-to-use project tool that is charging up the classroom in a way not seen since the arrival of the iPod.

By Katherine Grayson


Open Content

A Custom Fit

The movement toward open educational resources turns teachers into the shapers of curriculum, mixing and matching educational materials to create content that is tailor-made for the needs of their students.

21st Century Skills

An 'A' in Abstractions

With assessment attracting increased focus in the push for 21st century skills learning, a new issue arises: How do you measure the immeasurable?

By Paul Tullis


Network security

Identity Scramble

Automated technology systems are working to keep personal information of district employees and students out of the wrong hands.

By Charlene O’Hanlon


Policy & Advocacy Viewpoint

Was I Wrong on Obama?

With his defunding of EETT, the new boss seems to many ed tech advocates to be just like the old boss.

By Geoffrey H. Fletcher

21st Century Classroom

A Quicker Clicker

Virtual student response systems turn any computing device into a tool for on-the-spot formative assessment.

By Jennifer Demski

Our Space

All That for a Football Game?

What if schools got the same attention that professional sports receive?

By Geoffrey H. Fletcher