Green Power T.H.E. Journal April 2010

April 2010

Green Power

A Special Issue: How technology can transform your school into a model of sustainability

Special Feature

Branson Schools Science Lab

Sustainable Schools

Feeling the Heat

Under pressure to cut energy costs, administrators will find solar power a less expensive and more efficient option than ever.

By Sara Stroud

Stack of computers ready for refurbishing

Sustainable Schools

Secondhand Is First-Rate

Don’t be deterred by the stigma of buying used. Refurbished computers can offer better value and performance than new units, while lessening IT’s environmental footprint.

By Jennifer Demski

Sustainable Schools

Mod Genius

Innovative building manufacturers are designing new modular classrooms that offer a range of eco-friendly features, an inspiring learning environment, and, even better, the right price.

By Jennifer Grayson


Community Connections

It Goes Both Ways

The days of using the internet as merely a one-way supplier of news are over. With social media tools encouraging a back- and-forth exchange of information, parents, alumni, and other stakeholders can participate directly in the life of their school.

By Bridget McCrea

Business Intelligence

What's in It for Us

By following a foursome of best practices from the business world, K-12 districts can guide their BI initiatives toward an effective implementation.

By John K. Waters


Our Space

Two Plans, One Vision

March 10, 2010, was an important day in ed tech history.

By Geoffrey H. Fletcher