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Why Student Data Breaches Are Dangerous & How They May Alter the Ed Tech Marketplace


Since January, two reported cyberattacks targeting ed tech providers have resulted in the breach of private information of more than 3.5 million U.S. K–12 students — and likely millions more. No one knows for certain how many students had their personal data compromised, and it’s probable that we will never know.

Such data breaches — even if they don’t include a Social Security number — are very dangerous for students and can impact their financial futures for many years to come, explains podcast guest Doug Levin, national director of K12 Security Information Exchange, the leading nonprofit advocate for K–12 cybersecurity resources in the United States. Levin discusses the expanding impact of recent ed tech data breaches, what it means for public school leaders and parents, and what policy changes K12SIX is advocating for to protect students.

Data privacy is also an important consideration in school district procurement, and podcast guest Dr. Tim Clark, Vice President of K12 Programs at 1EdTech, explains how their ed tech marketplace for school districts might soon see some changes to address growing concerns about student data privacy.

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Kristal Kuykendall