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Crisis Management

Scare Tactics
Prompted by the H1N1 outbreak, districts are taking another look at their disaster planning, employing technology to help them prepare for and manage any future emergency. By Vanessa Hua

DOUBLE Feature

Spending: Now What?
The release of the economic stimulus funds last year has given districts a treasure of ed tech funds to dip into; their task now is to do the right thing with it. What would be the wisest way to spend a big splash of technology money? A host of K-12 experts weigh in. by John K. Waters

Saving: You Want Me to What?
As one tech director says, “The only things certain in educational technology are more mandates and less money.” But building up your infrastructure and showing a quick ROI on a meager budget are possible. Follow the examples set by these resourceful leaders. by Robert J. McGarvey


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