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Cover Story: Personalized Learning

This Time It’s Personal

Student-centered learning has a lot of support among education leaders, but it can’t happen without the right technology infrastructure to drive it. And the technology may be ready to deliver on its promise. By Jennifer Demski

21st Century Facilities

Thinking Inside the Box

School officials in New York City decided they would not let the limitations of a century-old building stand in the way of delivering the best educational technology available to its students. By Jennifer Demski

Cloud Computing

Diving Into the Cloud

One of the most misunderstood concepts in educational technology at the moment is cloud computing. T.H.E. Journal offers an in-depth guide to help you decide if cloud-based services are right for your school district. By Charlene O’Hanlon and Dian Schaffhauser

Special Section

A Preview of FETC 2012

Take a look at what’s in store at the upcoming 2012 Florida Educational Technology Conference. Find out what’s on the minds of featured speakers and learn which exhibitors will be on the trade show floor.


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JANUARY 2012 | Volume 39, No. 1 | 60 Pages

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