THE Journal Magazine Cover, July 2013: "Common Core 2014 - Are You Ready?"

THE Journal Magazine: July 2013

Special Issue on Common Core

Is Your School Tech Ready for Common Core?

Schools have about 15 months to prepare for the online assessments that reflect the learning goals of the Common Core State Standards. Some districts already know what the transition will be like. Here's what they've learned.

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  • Our Space: Editorial director Therese Mageau asserts that schools need more than a checklist approach to the new standards.
  • Product Roundup: 7 apps help teach Common Core.
  • Innovator: Intervention specialist Nicole Rothbauer co-wrote her own textbooks to teach Common Core.
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July 2013 | vol. 40 no. 7

Preparing Teachers for the New Standards
Educators uncertain about implementing the Common Core State Standards and assessments can learn from two districts that are ahead of the game.
Legal Issues in IT
From bandwidth issues to playing nice with assistive technologies, there's a lot that can go wrong in the world of high-stakes online testing. Our new legal columnist shares why it's not just states and testing companies with a lot on the line.
Policy & Advocacy
Readiness for the new standards is about more than devices and networks.
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