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  • IT Trends: The Sublime and the Mundane of School Transformation: 10 Success Factors
  • Editor’s Note: Technology and Equity
  • Innovator: Ensuring 'Anytime, Anywhere' Access in a High-Poverty District

June/July 2016 | vol. 49 no. 9

Sustaining a 1-to-1 Initiative Requires a Cultural Shift
K–12 leaders reveal their keys to maintaining a digital transformation over time.
Home Connectivity and the Homework Gap: How Some Schools Are Helping to Connect Students in their Homes
A disparity in home Internet service has led to the "homework gap," where economically disadvantaged students "go from a digital oasis to a digital desert when they go from school to home."
Robot Revolution: Intelligence In, Intelligence Out
Nowhere is the cause-and-effect principle more apparent than when working with robots. Faced with three-dimensional movements (and sometimes audio vocalizations) of robots, students across the grade spectrum can see the direct results of their input.
Badges: Not Quite the Next Big Thing?
While badging and digital credentialing are gaining acceptance in the business world and, to some extent, higher education, K–12 educators — and even students — are slower to see the value.
The Future of AV Displays
Today, students are interacting with content on large touchscreen flat panels. Soon, they could be using immersive head-mounted displays.
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