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  • IT Trends: 3 Years to Digital Transformation and Success
  • Editor’s Note: Technology and Equity

September 2016 | vol. 49 no. 9

Teaching with Technology: A Love (and Hate) Story
In our latest survey of more than 1,300 educators, respondents reveal an overwhelmingly positive outlook on the use of digital technologies in the classroom — with a few intense exceptions.
Enhancing Classroom Audio: Beyond Amplification
Systems designed to improve audibility in classrooms are changing. They used to be all about amplification. That’s still the single most critical component. But systems are now also adding lecture capture, emergency features, paging, monitoring and collaboration capabilities to enhance not just sound, but student learning as well.
Roundtable: The Changing Role of the CTO
As technology has changed K–12 education, so has it changed the role of the chief technology officer, a job title that just barely existed 15 years ago. Today’s CTO is not your grandfather’s infrastructure manager!
What Makes a Great Makerspace?
As schools across the country are demonstrating, makerspaces aren’t just about technology. They’re about giving outlet to students’ creativity. Spaces can be as elaborate as sophisticated machine shops or as simple as libraries converted to support hands-on learning.
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