Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Study: High School Tech Courses Correlate with Higher GPA and Better Attendance

Recent research on high school students in Florida found that those who took at least one technology course and a technical certification exam tended to have better attendance and a higher grade point average than those who didn't.

Vernier Debuts Expanded Gas Chromatograph for School Science Labs

Vernier has released the Mini GC Plus, a portable gas chromatograph designed for high school science labs, which expands upon the number of detectable compounds over the company’s original Mini GC. The device helps separate, analyze, and identify substances contained in a volatile liquid or gaseous sample.

Better Learning Through Game Design

The World Wide Workshop's six-year-old social learning network, Globaloria, is designed to teach science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills through hands-on game design and programming.

Maplesoft Releases Calculus Teaching Kit

Maplesoft has launched a teaching kit to help instructors of first- and second-year calculus use its mathematics software. "Teaching Calculus with Maple: A Complete Kit," free to Maple and Maple T.A. customers, is available now.

Altius Education Launches First Beta Course for Helix

Altius Education has debuted its first course for the Helix platform, a learning environment that takes a narrative, storytelling approach to online education, matching students' interests with the information being taught.

Florida Virtual School Adopts Adaptive Learning Math Program

Teachers and students with the Florida Virtual School (FLVS) will now have access to an online adaptive learning math program.

$5.4 Million Grants Fund Personalized, Blended Learning Programs

Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC) has awarded $5.4 million in new grants to assist 13 secondary and postsecondary educational organizations in the development of new models of personalized, blended learning, where traditional classroom teaching methods are combined with computer-mediated activities.

NAPE Gets NSF Money To Expand State STEM Training

The National Science Foundation recently granted $2.5 million to the Education Foundation of the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity (NAPE) to expand its science-technology-engineering-mathematics work to 22 states from its current coverage in 12 states.

Microsoft Pushes STEM Acceleration Funded by Immigration Revamp

In a wide-ranging push for policy change, Microsoft has taken up the call to increase the number of STEM graduates in the United States over the long haul while also calling for H-1B visa reform to fill a perceived gap of science, technology, engineering, and math talent in the short-term.

Samsung, National PTA Partner for $1 Million STEM Video Competition

Entries for the third-annual Solve for Tomorrow program are now being accepted. Solve for Tomorrow is a contest that calls on teachers and students to compete for $1 million in prizes by submitting videos on the topics of science, technology, engineering, and math.