Add 3D Maps to Presentations New 3D Maps Spice

Up Presentations, Anim. GeoModels of the world are now available from Magellan Geographix and Viewpoint DataLabs as a result of a joint development and marketing agreement. Magellan Geographix' MGDigitalAtlas 2D maps have been converted into 3D Viewpoint Dataset Models. Over 600 of these cartographically accurate 3D Geomodels of major continents, countries, states and provinces of the world are included. Applications for the new 3D GeoModels include desktop publishing, broadcast, presentation, animation, special effects, print design and interactive media. Images are available in more than 70 file formats and compatible with all major 3D software applications and hardware platforms. Magellan Geographix, Santa Barbara, CA, (800) 929-4MAPS;Viewpoint DataLabs, Orem, UT, (800) DATASET, WDMU

This article originally appeared in the 12/01/1995 issue of THE Journal.