Students Learn Effective Research Techniques

Researcher is a collaborative database that provides a structure for cooperative research and helps students keep track of key information during every phase of the research cycle.

The program, modeled on an ongoing, five-phase Research Cycle, fosters the kind of dynamic and cooperative research skills used in private labs, universities and research centers.

Students are encouraged to identify Problems, develop Conjectures, review resources and create Plans, collect and record New Information and make Revisions to their original conjectures based on their growing knowledge of the research topic. These five phases give structure and lend a constant focus to the research process.

The software, targeted at grades 4-8, was developed in response to current research that encourages teachers to develop communities where students can experience and practice scientific attitudes and habits. Learning In Motion, Santa Cruz, CA, (800) 560-5670, M

This article originally appeared in the 02/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.