Kids' Music Learning SW Suits Ages 3-13

A Little Kidmusic is a new program to teach children about music.

Students "play" a tune by tapping any key with harmony following automatically; or, the Mac will play the tune unaided.

Older children can try playing rounds, with either the Mac or other students playing parts. They may also do exercises to practice pitch and rhythm reading.

All age levels can write and record their own melodies. The software adds accompaniment. "Do re mi" voice helps teach pitch. Real music notation is a feature. MIDI input/output is supported but not required.

A Little Kidmusic is customizable for different age groups and its library of songs and exercises is easily expandable. It comes with six user files; site licenses are available. Ars Nova Software, Kirkland, WA, (800) 445-4866.

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.