Software Turns Any Mac Into Web Server

WebSTAR is a "one-stop shop" for those interested in setting up a Macintosh as a Web server.

A new product, it is based on its shareware predecessor, MacHTTP, but offers increased performance, easier server administration and greater customizability and security.

With the software suite, one can publish any Mac file on the Web, including GIF and JPEG images, Adobe Acrobat files and Quick-Time movies. The program is also fully compatible with any existing HTML document.

Running native on Power Macs, WebSTAR takes full advantage of Apple's Thread Manager for throughput that is three to four times faster than MacHTTP. It can easily serve hundreds of thousands of connections per day and is price-competitive with UNIX-based alternatives.

The software's improved administrative interface is designed to be easy to use, allowing both local and secure remote configuration and monitoring of multiple Web servers from a single location.

Included on the CD-ROM version is WebSTAR server software; FTPd for file transfers; HTML Editor 1.0 and BBEdit, two HTML editors for the Mac; MacWeb, a Mac Web browser; AppleScript and Userland's Frontier program, for creating CGIs between WebSTAR and external applications, plus demo AppleScripts; a free evaluation copy of StarNine's ListSTAR program, for integrating Internet mail and creating Listserver mailing lists and auto-response mail services; Adobe Acrobat Reader and samples; WebMaster Macintosh, a "definitive reference" for Mac Web site developers; and more.

Discounts are available to educators. StarNine Technologies, Inc., Berkeley, CA, (800) 525-2580,

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.