LCD Panel Ships With Writing Pad

Chisholm's Rainbow LCD color projection panel 30 ships with a 6 x 9-inch electronic writing pad, for instantly adding notes, icons or even audience comments onto a projected image. Users also may switch to an erasable whiteboard mode, or control mouse functions via the wireless pen. The active-matrix panel weighs 5.75 lbs., complete with a 4-watt speaker. A touch of a button switches between four simultaneous video sources and two assigned audio channels. The unit automatically shuts down when the overhead projector is off. An IR remote controls onscreen menus, video sources or selected mouse functions. Models range from the 30/05 (no A/V or writing pad) to the 30/20 (fully loaded). Chisholm, Campbell, CA, (408) 559-1111.

This article originally appeared in the 10/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.