Find Elementary-Age Level Media Titles Quickly

With ESLC on CD, the 20th edition of the popular Elementary School Library Collection, educators have instant access to thousands of quality children's titles. In single or networkable versions, the CD-ROM provides easy searching capabilities and numerous bibliography features. 

ESLC covers the following media: children's books, CD-ROM products, Big Books, filmstrips, kits, large-type books, periodicals, videos, videodiscs, sound recordings and computer software. 

With 16 search fields, librarians can cross-search fields by author, series, subject, formats and more. For example, one can quickly get a list of media titles to fit a second-grade reading level, fourth-grade interest level, and that deal with the environment. 

Keyword searching retrieves materials from interdisciplinary topics and also identifies material for reading aloud and reluctant readers. Selections can be saved to a file or printed as a bibliography in three different formats. 

ESLC on CD recommends over 12,000 selected titles for pre-K through grade six, including 2,000 of the best titles published in 94-95. Brodart Co., Williamsport, PA, (800) 233-8467, x784. D

This article originally appeared in the 12/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.