Net Filtering Service Adds Override Option

The BESS Internet filtering service, which blocks inappropriate content before it reaches a schoolís workstations, now offers an Adult Access Override function. Users simply enter their name, password and the number of minutes that they would like unfiltered access.

That one workstation is granted unfiltered access, and the system sends an e-mail notice to the administrator and password owner. After the specified time, the workstation automatically reverts to the normal filtered status. A button at the page trailer lets one turn filtering back on before time has expired.

Teachers and staff also may directly submit a request for N2H2 staff to review a particular Web page to see if it should be removed from the "blocked" list. This review and change takes place within 24 hours, with confirmation sent via e-mail. If N2H2 chooses not to remove the block, the district can override the filtering on a page-by-page basis. N2H2, Seattle, WA, (800) 971-2622, 

This article originally appeared in the 01/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.