Z39.50 Client Enables Easy Research from Desktop

SIRSI's new Z39.50 client is now integrated into VIZION, the firm's desktop Internet site manager for the Windows environment.

"Z39.50 supports simultaneously searching across multiple databases and enables librarians, information professionals, researchers, writers, and students worldwide to effectively explore the resources located in the hundreds of Z39.50-compatible collections on the Internet," said Jim Young, CEO of SIRSI.

Using VIZION's point-and-click interface, information seekers can easily create and execute simple or complex search statements and have them understood by the target server. Z39.50 standardizes the format of the messages exchanged between the origin and target systems. The software locally stores and manages Z39.50 server configurations, enabling users to custom select sites based on their research requirements.

In addition to allowing users to control Z39.50 site configurations and manage search attributes, VIZION's interface provides icons, buttons and separate function windows to make navigation, review, and manipulation of search results easy and efficient. SIRSI, Huntsville, Alabama, (800) 242-2233, www.sirsi.com.

This article originally appeared in the 02/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.