Version 3 Supports Web Authoring

SuperCard 3.0 adds a host of advanced features for existing users while reducing the ìlearning curveî for educators just getting started with multimedia and Web authoring. A new Project Editor simplifies the development process by combining popular functions in a point-and-click GUI.

One component of the Project Editor, ClickScript automatically creates complete scripts for navigation, video, sound, animation, graphics, windows, menus, objects and more. Another tool, the Property Inspector, allows one to quickly check and set style, size and special attributes of every object type.

Most notably, SuperCard fully integrates Web authoring capabilities. Authors select whether a document will be deployed on the desktop, on the Web, or both. Roadster, Allegientís browser plug-in, supports most aspects of SuperCardís scripting language. Roadster uses innovative compression technology that offers high-resolution streaming of GIF, JPEG and ART graphics, even on low-bandwidth connections.

An 847-page Script Language Guide ó provided in print and online ó features many working examples, special considerations and error handling information. Allegient Technologies, Inc., San Diego, CA, (619) 587-0500,

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This article originally appeared in the 05/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.