SkillsBank Now Covers Internet Basics

Improved Basic Skills SW Teaches Internet Basics
Grades: K--12
Platform: Windows

SkillsBank Now Covers Internet Basics

SkillsBank, the comprehensive and effective basic skills package, has been enhanced and improved, resulting in the release of version four. Covering reading, writing, mathematics, language and information skills, SkillsBank4 provides focused instruction for students of all ages.

Along with the updated sound effects and graphics, core content has been expanded with over 20 new mathematics lessons, new Internet basics and fundamentals of online literacy, 24 new Computation Practice lessons and 22 new Language Practice lessons. A special version of the MathCheck worksheet generator, from ips Publishing, is included, complete with a data set for creating worksheets to complement SkillsBank lessons.

SkillsBank4 now gives instructors more flexibility in assigning lessons, with the ability to assign all diagnostic tests in advance of other work and to edit students' assignments. Plus, an enhanced user interface that makes extensive use of wizards and context-sensitive help saves software orientation time. For more in-depth information on SkillsBank4, or to request a free demo, call (800) 84-SKILL. SkillsBank Corp., Baltimore, MD,

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This article originally appeared in the 11/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.