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Turn Your Computer into a Virtual Library

For teachers and students looking for a way to organize their multimedia files in a book-like format, KeeBoo may be just the answer. This organizational tool lets users collect, save and share digital information such as text, images, video and spreadsheets. The information can be arranged into a library of virtual books, each book containing as many pages and chapter headings as are needed. Documents can be imported either from a personal computer or from the Internet.

The tool offers a handy way to organize a lesson plan for students, or for students to present multimedia reports. Completed KeeBooks can be e-mailed and viewed by anyone with a Web browser, or they can be posted on the Web. Special features let teachers or other users highlight and comment on passages within the KeeBooks. The software is downloadable free of charge, and currently available in five languages. KeeBoo, San Francisco, CA,

This article originally appeared in the 06/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.