Rejuvenated Program Offers Enhanced Applications

Knowledge Adventure’s HyperStudio4 is a renovated version of the original HyperStudio multimedia tool. It enables students to create interactive reports, projects and presentations without the restrictions of wizards or pre-made graphics, and also provides teachers with guides containing project ideas, curriculum guidelines and add-on resources. New user-friendly amenities include drag and drop technology, ready made cards for getting started, HyperLogo click programming, enhanced sound, video and editing, and convenient interoperability with other Knowledge Adventure products.


In addition, new Hyper Web plug-ins allow others to edit stacks directly within a browser without requiring the full program. Rapid access to the Internet is also available with the Go-To-URL and Auto URL features. HyperStudio4 also replaces the previous program’s Media Library with an updated Curriculum Content Library, which includes 125 new sound clips and over 1,800 updated graphics and photos. Knowledge Adventure, Torrance, CA, (800) 545-7677,

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.