Learn to Play Chess 2 and Fritz 8


Viva Media (www.viva-media.com) has released two new chess games to help teach students of all ages about the sophisticated game, while honing their strategy and tactical skills. Learn to Play Chess With Fritz and Chesster 2: Chess in the Black Castle is a chess adventure for beginners and advanced players alike. The game works to demonstrate advanced chess concepts through a simple, intelligible and engaging approach that includes 21 arcade-style mini-games. The game’s goal is to rescue Chesster from deep within King Black’s castle, sharpening users’ skills and preparing them for the ultimate showdown along the way. Fritz 8 Deluxe, which combines the No. 1 ranked chess software engine and world chess champion Garry Kasparov, is more suitable for older, more advanced players. The program’s new features include Kasparov training videos, six new highly detailed 3-D chessboards, as well as functions to zoom, tilt and rotate the board a full 360 degrees. - Matthew Miller

This article originally appeared in the 01/01/2005 issue of THE Journal.