SMART Technologies Inc. Launches Next Generation Software

SMART Technologies Inc. ( is launching the next generation of interactive whiteboard software with SMART Board Software 9.0, which begins shipping this month. With this latest version, teachers and students are given an unrestricted take-home version of SMART Notebook. The new version provides users with an uncluttered, clean interface that improves ease of use and increases whiteboard space; includes new drawing tools (e.g., dashed lines) and annotation styles; and offers an improved Gallery that makes it easier to access, organize and work with clipart, photos and content. But one of the most significant updates to SMART Notebook is that it now supports Flash and other new types of content such as animated GIFs. As far as new content, SMART will be offering more than 6,000 images and backgrounds and 1,600 lesson activities, as well as new Flash “interactivities” such as a fraction maker. There are also two significant tools that enhance the use of your PC. First is LinQ software, which provides support for mobile and wireless devices, as well as creates an easy way to share your desktop with the class. Last but not least, version 9.0 features a Start Center that gives users a customizable toolbar to quickly find software applications.

This article originally appeared in the 01/01/2005 issue of THE Journal.