JumpBox Brings PmWiki to Virtual Environments


JumpBox this week released JumpBox for PmWiki, a bundled software tool that combines support for virtual computing environments with open-source wiki functionality.

JumpBoxes are virtual environments designed to ease the installation and management of server application software. They allow server apps to be deployed on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux systems with supporting virtualization platforms. These JumpBoxes are then bundled with open-source software to help simplify deployment.

In this case, JumpBox for PmWiki bundles the open-source PmWiki software. As its name implies, PmWiki delivers wiki functionality, but it does it in a way that allows "normal" Web pages to be edited as if they were wiki pages. It's a collaborative tool for maintaining pages on the Web or adding new content through a Web browser. The software also provides access control to limit what individual users or groups of users can do on a given page or site. It's written in PHP and is available freely under the GNU General Public License.

JumpBox for PmWiki is only the latest wiki version to be released. There are also JumpBoxes available for MoinMoin Wiki, the TikiWiki CMS, and various other wiki and wiki-like tools.

JumpBox for PmWiki is available now for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. JumpBox itself requires the presence of a virtualization platform on the host system. Supported virtualization tools include VMWare Fusion and Parallels Desktop on Mac OS X; VMWare Workstation, VMWare Player, VMWare Server, Parallels Workstation, Microsoft Virtual Server, and VirtualPC on Windows; and, on Linux, VMWare Workstation, VMWare Player, VMWare Server, Parallels Workstation, and Virtual Iron.

JumpBox for PmWiki is available now free or for $29.99 with premium features. PmWiki is itself available at no charge separately through PmWiki.org.

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