Web Gateway Offers All-in-One Web Security


Astaro Corp. has announced a security appliance line that integrates URL filtering, malware detection, application control, and bandwidth optimization. The Astaro Web Gateway is deployed as a hardware or virtualized appliance and managed through a single browser-based graphical interface.

URL filtering grants Web access according to user, time settings and policies, which can be based on categories. The repository includes 20 million monitored sites and is updated daily. Malware detection is performed by two scan engines to detect viruses, spyware and active content. Application controls manage access and use of instant messaging and peer-to-peer applications, including Skype. Bandwidth optimization manages and prioritizes bandwidth.

The appliance features HTTP and FTP traffic scanning, integration into Novell eDirectory and Microsoft Active Directory with single sign-on, as well as protection against phone-home communication from spyware-infected PCs.

The Gateway will be available in the second quarter of 2008. Pricing starts at $995. The line includes four editions and can protect from 100 users to more than 2,000 with no per user licensing. It's also available as a virtual appliance.

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