Students Get Web-based Planning and Time Management Service


Studiolo Systems has gone into beta testing with, a Web application intended to help students improve their academic performance by optimizing their study habits. StudyRails provides step-by-step, personalized study plans, e-mail and cell phone study reminders and the blocking of social networking Web sites, software and games during study time.

"Students today manage their social lives via text messaging and online social networks, yet they still manage their homework via paper and pencil assignment books," said Joshua Loewenstein, founder of StudyRails. "With StudyRails, it's easy for students to automatically plan and update their study schedules, text in new assignments via cell phone and gain control of online distractions such as YouTube and Facebook during study time. Students in our pilot programs have found StudyRails to be extremely helpful for staying on track with their assignments."

StudyRails, which costs $9.95 a month, provides a study plan to help students stay on track with their homework assignments. As students add information, such as new assignments, the program automatically recreates their study schedules to reflect the change. The service sends e-mail and cell phone reminders when it's time to study so students know what they should be doing in the present moment. It blocks online content during study time to prevent distractions. It replaces traditional paper and pencil assignment books; students text new assignments to StudyRails via their cell phone or add them from any Internet-connected computer.

"Students with good study skills have a great advantage," said Ann Helmus founder of Neuropsychology & Education, a private pediatric neuropsychology practice in Newton, MA. "By being able to plan, initiate, and follow through with their homework assignments they are much more likely to achieve academic success. StudyRails is exciting because it provides a promising new approach for students to the challenge of managing their homework."

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