Creative Learning Systems Launches Hands-on Science Learning Lab


A new custom laboratory has been launched with the aim of helping K-12 students learn first hand how to prepare for a green technology future. The Alternative Energy SmartLab, from Longmont, CO-based Creative Learning Systems, offers hands-on teaching and learning tools to educate students in energy and environmentally friendly technology, as well as the materials to apply what they've learned in order to use and even build their own "green" devices.

Using AESL, students can study alternative and renewable energy resources such as solar, wind, hydrogen and geothermal energy and subsequently use the lab to conduct independent research projects designing and building solar-powered cars and wind-turbine propellers. The lab is also geared toward 21st-century education, helping students to develop skills in critical thinking, collaboration and project planning.

CLS has piloted the AESL at Whitmore Lake High School in Whitmore Lake, MI, opened in 2007, as part of the school's charter as a "green" building. Principal Tom DeKeyser noted that, to fulfill such a vision, "it was not a enough to build a green building. We needed to be a leader in green education as well."

CLS can customize the AESL's features and components to fit an individual school's needs. The company expects to be ready to offer the lab to all schools in early 2009.

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