Math Course Takes 'Real Life' Approach to Algebra


Educational courseware publisher American Education Corp. is taking a new approach to answering the age-old question, "What does algebra have to do with real life?" The company has announced the release of a new course for its A+nyWhere Learning System program. Algebra I: A Function Approach Part 1 is the first semester segment of a full-year algebra course geared to grades 9 and 10, and, in addition to the fundamental concepts and tools of algebra, the course aims to relate the material to "real life."

Taking the fundamentals and applying them to real-world situations using exercises in relevant scenarios allows students to realize the practical uses of linear and quadratic equations, graphs and coordinates, functions, and other algebraic concepts.

The A+nyWhere program is computer based, so students taking courses like Algebra I can use a number of tools incorporated into the software to aid in their assignments and overall comprehension of the material. These tools include onscreen standard and scientific calculators, pictures and diagrams, video tutorials, exercises, practice exams, and, for upper-level courses, interactive feedback.

The course content of Algebra I: A Function Approach also addresses many objectives of the Principles and Standards for School Mathematics as issued by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).

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