Educational Products Provider Launches Site To Help Schools Find Stimulus Funding


Coverage of the stimulus package has been everywhere, from the most obscure blogs to the front page of the New York Times. And $110 billion of that money has been set aside for education. What seems to be missing from all the coverage, though, is exactly how to bring any of that money from the coffers in Washington into your school and classroom.

But now Pearson has launched, a multi-faceted Web site aimed at helping schools and districts apply for, receive, and put to proper (i.e., approved) use their share of the funds. The site includes Webinars on funding and grant applications, informational videos, a FAQ, and an e-mail "hotline" ([email protected]) for more specific questions on all topics related to stimulus funding. There is also regularly updated information at

Said Grace Stopani, Pearson's grants and funding manager, "It can be overwhelming to try to figure out which money--IDEA, Title I, Title II-D, Title III, Head Start, Stabilization Funds--can be used for which types of education solutions." She added, though, that however schools are planning to use their funds, the Funding for Schools Web site can help each school or district determine which stimulus funds can be properly applied to achieving particular goals and how best to use such funds to meet a school's specific needs. The site breaks down the funds available and requirements for each program, and it identifies Pearson programs that offer matching funds in order for schools to get even more out of their ARRA allotments.

In addition, Pearson has published Pocket Guide: Making Sense of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The book outlines the goals of the ARRA education funds, including overall reform, modernization of facilities and technology, and training students with 21st-century skills. It also includes a chart of funding categories, dollar amounts, distribution plans/timelines, and usage requirements, which can offer at-a-glance guidance to administrators immersed in the process of applying for funds. Pocket Guide is available for download free of charge at the Funding for Schools Web site.

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