Publisher Launches ELL Resource Center

In an effort to help English language learners (ELL) conduct academic research and improve their skills in speaking and understanding English, EBSCO Publishing has introduced its English Language Learner Reference Center, an informational database with enhanced technology for text-to-speech functionality.

Using reference materials customized for English language learners, users can conduct their research and learn both information and the meanings, pronunciations, and proper contextual usage of the words themselves. Information and reference materials are available on a variety of subjects, including science, history, literature, social science, current events, and life skills.

The ELL Reference Center offers all of the following features:

  • Content for beginner, intermediate, and advanced reading levels, based on expert review;
  • Vocabulary and structure simplified to be helpful to non-native speakers;
  • Audio/Text-to-speech support that reinforces reading words with hearing words and vice versa;
  • Search tools specially designed for ELL;
  • Nonfiction articles and reference texts searchable by keyword, literacy level and English-language proficiency;
  • Images and illustrations to aid comprehension; and
  • Step-by-step user guides to support English language learners' comprehension, research techniques, note-taking, and academic writing.

Schools and teachers interested in providing access to their ELL students, as well as English language learners who wish to explore the features of the database, can register for a free trial here.

About the Author

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