Technology Providers Partner To Offer Enhanced Biotech Education

Biotechnology software and product providers Vernier and Bio-Rad Laboratories have formed a partnership to provide enhanced biotechnology curricula for high school and college science courses.

Vernier will bring to the venture its instructor-friendly data-acquisition equipment, including the Blue and White Digital Bioimaging Systems and Logger Pro Software, in conducting Bio-Rad's in-class experimentation activities with a variety of complex biotechnology topics, including bacterial transformation and DNA electrophoresis.

The partnership combines the expertise of both organizations to create lab experiences that are easy for instructors to implement, said a spokesperson, who added that scientific concepts such as those covered in Bio-Rad's lab activities require first-hand experience using real-world tools and methods rather than simply lectures and demonstrations.

The companies will jointly offer instructor workshops on their new solutions and curricula. Further information on these workshops can be found here.

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