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Cleveland High Schools Try To Streamline College Applications Process

Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) has chosen SuperAPP software from ConnectEDU to help streamline its students' college admissions processes in all 22 of its high schools.

A complete application processing system, SuperAPP manages each user's transcripts, letters of recommendation, application essay, and high school profile. Rather than imposing its own custom format, the software supports several of the most popular application formats, including Common Application and Universal College Application, as well as unique formats used by more than 1,400 United States colleges.

"We believe the secure, accurate and electronic transfer of student data and application materials from high schools to colleges is a key element of a revamped college application process," said Eric Gordon, CMSD's chief academic officer. He added that he expects the software will provide students and counselors with the tools and technology to make informed decisions and manage the entire process efficiently. "This will ensure students are able to make selections that best fit with their educational and career aspirations and will allow our counselors to spend more time assisting students and less time focused on the paper-based administrative aspects of the application process."

The company, which introduced SuperAPP in September 2009, has also signed Baltimore City Public Schools in Maryland.

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